Natalia is an emerging Vancouver painter, visual artist and art therapist.

She combined her passions, talents ,experiences, skills and believes into four amazing careers as an Artist , Art Therapist , Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Translator. She was born in Soviet Union era of Russia (a daughter of Russian father and Ukrainian mother) and grew up during “perestroika”. From a very young age she had a passion for all artistic things : drawing, crafts, writing, dance, and fashion design. She started studying art and fashion during chaos in her country when it was falling apart, dreaming to become a fashion designer. Overwhelmed, but inspired by massive changes in the country, she had an opportunity to move to China to study. She graduated from Heilongjiang University in Harbin, China with Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. Lived for 10 years in China, worked as a professional translator for Mandarin and Russian. She moved to Canada in 2005 and started her 3rd Degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Currently, she is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Art Therapist and Visual Artist. Her contemporary painting style is a combination of surrealism and abstract expressionism. Beside painting she likes to use a variety of materials and products in her multimedia creations. On one hand she brought her artistic talents, creativity, passion , accumulated skills and experiences, and open minded artistic vision into her work as a therapist. On the other hand her work as a therapist inspires her to create and express thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed through a spoken word.

Current Galleries

Havana Gallery Vancouver March 17th - 30th, 2016

Havana Restaurant Gallery
1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC
1(604) 253-9119